Trello Review: A Kanban Board To Manage And Track Tasks

Trello is an innovative and easy to use Kanban board which allows to manage and track tasks. This simple to use Online tool can be used for various purposes such as Task Management, ToDos, Lists, Coordinate and assigning tasks to… Continue Reading →

Run Applications “On Demand” From Server.

How much interesting it would be to run an application on demand (whenever we need) without installing it and messing up our PC. This is what exactly allows us to do, it gives us a Virtual Machine running on… Continue Reading → Provides Facebook Face Recognition Software is a company which have created different Facebook Face Recognition software and tagging software. They are dedicated in research and development of better face recognition technology. Most recent face recognition software for Facebook has been Klik by Klik… Continue Reading →

Find People on Social Networking Sites Using Ark

Multiple Social Networking sites have resulted in spreading people across different sites, which makes it difficult to find people on social networking sites. Even when we try to find people on a social networking site such as on Facebook, we… Continue Reading →

Create, Share and Open Microsoft Office Files with is one more great application from Microsoft  FUSE Labs which allows to create , edit and Open Microsoft Office files online. These office documents can further be Shared over Facebook also. was a team effort done by Microsoft… Continue Reading →

Google Green : A Green Initiative By Google

Google Green is an initiative taken by Google to go green and run their business in most environmental friendly way. The search engine giant is not just using innovation in his products, they are also looking towards new possibilities to… Continue Reading →

Sync Files between Computers using Google Sync Tool – Google Drive.

Google Drive service which is a Google sync tool for synchronizing files, was launched by Google in the last week of April,2012. This is an extension of existing Google Doc services and it allows to store and synchronize files between… Continue Reading →

Automatically Publish Your Blog to Facebook

Its a very common question which crosses our mind that how can we automatically publish your blogs to Facebook and twitter pages. It looks difficult, but actually its a very easy process because there are many different applications which allow… Continue Reading →

How To Use Spotify from any Country.

If your Country is currently not in Spotify Country List, when you try to register for Spotify account you will get a message saying – ‘Sign up to be first in line when Spotify launches in your country!’ This happens… Continue Reading →

Online Money Managers in India

Online Money Managers in India are still in their beginning stage, but they are growing with time. Every new Credit Card and every new Bank Account makes it more difficult to keep track of monthly expenses and available finances. A… Continue Reading →

Google Reader Alternatives: RSS Readers

After Google has discontinued its Google Reader, its right time to find some great Google Reader alternative RSS readers. Primarily RSS Feed Readers can be divided into two segments – desktop based and web based. Desktop Based Readers – 1)… Continue Reading →

Social Media Aggregators

Social Media Aggregators allow you to access your all different social networking accounts from one place. It usually includes Social Sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace. One more interesting benefit of using these Social Media Aggregator sites is that… Continue Reading →

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