Google Green Logo

Google Green is an initiative taken by Google to go green and run their business in most environmental friendly way.

The search engine giant is not just using innovation in his products, they are also looking towards new possibilities to run their operations in a way which can save more energy and can use renewable sources of energy.

Google Green Team is implementing their green initiative at two levels. At one level they are trying to implement environment friendly methods to run their operations, such as –

1) Saving Electricity in Data Centers

2) Using Renewable Sources of energy such as Wind and Solar.

3) On campus Green initiatives by Google employees, such as using Google Shuttle services for commuting thus preventing 2000 individual Car uses.

Google Green Cars

4) Increasing Carbon Offsets. By investing into projects to reduce carbon emissions.

5) Production of Renewable Energy for others. Google Green Team is investing into big projects where they are producing energy using sources like Wind Mills and Solar panels. They are selling this energy to other companies also.

6) Allowing Google users to save energy. If you choose to store data on Google Cloud servers, its more energy efficient way than having your own data center which is less energy efficient. Even at small level, using Gmail and Google Drive storage will help millions of Google users to save energy.

On the second level Google Green Team is customizing its products and services to help Google users in saving more energy.

Have you noticed that Google Maps now supports Directions search for Walk and Bike also, Map shows information about public transport options and supports use of Electric Vehicle (EV) by giving information about  vehicle charging points in your town (just search for ‘ev charging station’ with name of City).

Gmail supports cloud hosted storage which helps users in saving energy on use of local storage.

You can read more about contribution of Google Green products towards Green Movement at Products page of Google Green‘s Site.

Enjoy the journey of an Email after click of ‘Send’ button in the latest post of Google Green called ‘The Story of Send‘ .

So what do you feel about this Green initiative of Google and where you see other companies, are they moving towards the same path.