Face.com is a company which have created different Facebook Face Recognition software and tagging software. They are dedicated in research and development of better face recognition technology.

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Most recent face recognition software for Facebook has been Klik by Face.com. Klik is a Free face recognition application available on iPhone platform which allows you to click and tag your photos instantly on iPhone. Klik v1.0 is available at iOS App Store for download.

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Face recognition accuracy of Face.com is around 91% which makes it a very impressive piece of software and they are continuously improving their algorithm.

Other application available by Face.com is a Facebook App called PhotoTagger. Once you allow it to access your Facebook account, it will show you a list of your all albums and you can select any album to automatically tag the complete Facebook Album.

PhotoTagger App On Facebook

This feature of Photo Tagger makes it extremely simple to tag the whole album without any effort. Just choose the album and you are done, all photos are tagged properly by this Facebook face recognition software.

PhotoTagge rTagging On Facebook

Another application created by Face.com which uses their face recognition algorithm is Celebrityfindr. This Celebrityfindr application finds celebrities and celebrity lookalikes on Twitter.

Celebritiy Finder

These all different fun application as just beginning as Face.com is trying to perfect their technology and they have opened their API’s for other developers also. This will further give us more application using Face Recognition Technology for more creative purposes.