TrelloLogo Trello is an innovative and easy to use Kanban board which allows to manage and track tasks. This simple to use Online tool can be used for various purposes such as Task Management, ToDos, Lists, Coordinate and assigning tasks to team members etc.

Interface is very simple and easy to understand. You can add different boards (like Work, Home, Weekend etc) and each of these board will contain 3 lists by default.  Default list are – ToDo, Doing and Done.

Add new tasks to these lists and can move a task to other list simply by dragging and dropping.

Apart from the basic functionality every task allows to perform more actions on it, such as  add due dates, attach file, add labels, Vote a task etc.


What makes Trello a great tool is that, we can add additional members to Boards and a Board can be shared across the whole team for the project management purpose also.

Every task can be assigned to one or more team members (who are part of the board). Every activity done with the tasks (such as moving it from one list to another or adding a comment) is logged by Trello and can be checked to track who made what change.

You can assign Due dates to Tasks and based on remaining time Due Date label will change its colors.

Overall while reviewing Trello we found that its a great tool to manage tasks and definitely worth trying.

Trello is available for free as a Web Application as well as on iOS , Android  and Windows RT platforms. Therefore you are never away from your tasks.

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