If your Country is currently not in Spotify Country List, when you try to register for Spotify account you will get a message saying – ‘Sign up to be first in line when Spotify launches in your country!’

Spotify Notification

This happens because currently Spotify is not launched for all countries, and your current location is not supported by Spotify music services. Following is a list of Spotify Countries –

Dont worry, we can get Spotify from any country working on your computer even if you are in a country which is not officially supported by Spotify, and is not in the Spotify Country list.

All you need is to change IP Address of your computer to an IP Address of USA. This will fool Spotify into believing that you are accessing their services from some supported country such as USA or UK.

There are many different ways and many proxies available to change the IP Address, however the simplest way is to use Tunnel Bear.

You can get this free software from here –


This small piece of Software will allow you to switch between USA or UK based IP Address. Once you run TunnelBear, switch it ‘ON’ (by default its OFF after running) and then restart your Web Browser (if its already open).

Now open the Web Site of Spotify and see the difference . Spotify will not stop you from creating account or using its services.

Same Tunnel Bear trick will work for any other site also which does not work in your country.