Social Media Aggregators allow you to access your all different social networking accounts from one place. It usually includes Social Sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace.

One more interesting benefit of using these Social Media Aggregator sites is that they work even if Facebook and Twitter is blocked on your office/College network.

Here is a roundup of few most famous Social Media Aggregators. We would love to hear from you, write your comments and tell us which manager you like the most –


Seesmic offers a full range of suite which includes Web Based interface, Mobile App and also a great looking desktop application.

Seesmic supports multiple social network applications which includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This site was initially launched as a service to share videos online however after few years it was converted into a full fledged Social Media Manager.

Web Interface of Seesmic is very easy to use and gives all feeds and tweets on the same page using separate columns for each service. Pretty neat and effective interface.

It also supports 2 different color themes – White and Black

Seesmic also provides a Desktop application, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Seesmic Desktop shows plugin Marketplace with more than 90 add ins to customize and enhance the desktop application.


2) HootSuite  –

HootSuite is the biggest name in the world of Social Media Aggregators.

It has a paid account option which can be used by companies to manage their brand over the social networking sites.

However HootSuite has a free account option also which is quite suitable for personal use and allows to add up to 5 social networking accounts.

It supports pretty much all famous Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare etc.

HootSuite Interface is tab based and one tab is shown for all configured accounts.

However using HootSuite can be a bit complex in comparison of other sites, because of the addition features and functionality it offers.

Currently HootSuite has no Desktop version available and its Web version offers three color themes to choose from.

So start exploring it because it is one of the most feature rich Social Media Aggregators, and don’t forget to share your experience here. We highly recommend its use for personal as well as professional use.

3) TweetDeck

TweetDeck is one more very popular social media aggregator with nice column based interface. It supports Facebook and Twitter account and its dark color interface is very similar to Seesmic interface with customizable columns to show different feeds.

TweetDeck was purchased by Twitter in 2011 and now its available for both Web and PC. Its PC version is Adobe Air based application with exactly same interface which we have on web based application.

TweetDeck also available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platform.

So now its time to stop opening multiple pages to check different social networking sites. Start using these feature rich Social Media Aggregators and don’t forget to share your experience on Techovity.