Multiple Social Networking sites have resulted in spreading people across different sites, which makes it difficult to find people on social networking sites.

Even when we try to find people on a social networking site such as on Facebook, we can not specify extra information like School Name, College, Hobby or City .

Ark is a People Search engine, which indexes over 1 billion user profiles across all famous Social Networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, MySpace, FourSquare and Orkut . Ark can search for people across different Social Networking sites using the selected attributes.

Main Interface of Ark gives options to ‘Find New People’, ‘Find Classmates’ and ‘Find Business Contacts’ by using different criteria like Current City, Gender, Interest, School, College, Hometown, Employer and Language.

First Tab on Ark is a very unique functionality which allows you to find ‘New People’ on Social Networking sites based on Town, Gender and Interest. This allows you to make new friends online, which will have similar interest.

Ark Home

Second Tab gives you option to find your ‘Old Classmates’ on Social Networking sites by using selecting School, College and Hometown related information. Now you can find your friends much effectively because your search will run across all Social Networking sites.

Ark Find Classmates

Next option is for finding your Business Contacts. You can specify Name, Employers and school/college details to find them.

Ark Find Business Contacts

This unique tool is currently available by Invite Only, therefore you may have to wait a bit after asking for invite on their Web Site. However very soon its going to be Available For All.

Before we end the story one interesting thing you will notice is that if you scroll down page of Ark, you will see all currently active Ark users in the form of Penguins moving around on screen.

So time to forget fight between Google and Facebook and start finding your friends across the Social Networking sites.