Its a very common question which crosses our mind that how can we automatically publish your blogs to Facebook and twitter pages.

It looks difficult, but actually its a very easy process because there are many different applications which allow you to do so without much effort.

These options include 1) Using plugins like Wordbooker for WordPress 2) Using Facebook apps like NetworkedBlogs    3) Using external tools like HootSuite.

If you are using WordPress to post your blogs, using plugin is also a very recommended way automatically publish your blogs to Facebook because it provides  very detailed options. Here is a quick glimpse of settings given by WordBooker plugin –

We definitely do not recommend using Networked Blog app as it looks more like a spam on Facebook page, and if anyone chooses to hide posts made by Networked Blog app, all posts made by this application will stop appearing on his page.

Here we will be covering the steps required to setup automatic posts using HootSuite only, as this works with any blog (does not need to be restricted to WordPress blogs).

Its very easy to configure HootSuite for making automatic posts. Following are the step by step instructions –

1) Go to left hand side bar of HootSuite and move your mouse over Settings. In the settings menu you will see option ‘RSS/Atom’.

HootSuite RSS Settings


2) Clicking on the menu item will open RSS/Atom Settings box. As this is first time we are adding any blog, click on ‘+’ sign to add a new RSS setting.

HootSuite Add RSS


3) HootSuite provides you very detailed options while adding new RSS feed. Provide address of your blog site in ‘Feed URL’, select the Facebook or Twitter profile on which you want to post the RSS,  Select the frequency of update, select the count of posts which should be posted at once, you can also prepend some text before you blog post such as New On YourSite or anything else, select the URL Shortener.

HootSuite Set RSS Settings


Click on ‘Save Feed’ button and you are done.

Once you have added the new RSS settings to HootSuite, it will keep an eye on your blog posts.

After given interval in the setting, HootSuite will check you blog posts and will automatically publish it on Facebook if it finds any new post.