Docs Logo is one more great application from Microsoft  FUSE Labs which allows to create , edit and Open Microsoft Office files online. These office documents can further be Shared over Facebook also. was a team effort done by Microsoft and Facebook to counter Google Docs (now Google Drive) in 2010, however it never got as much attention as they were expecting. uses Facebook account for authentication and login.

Docs Login

Once you are at home page, you can either Upload an existing document or Create a new Word, Excel or PowerPoint Document.

Docs Add Document

Online office documents give you almost same Ribbon based interface as we see on Desktop Based Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However its an striped down online version of MS Office with limited features.

However it feels really nice to see the familiar interface of MS Office, while editing and opening Microsoft office files online.  Any office document can be downloaded and saved on local computer at any time by clicking on ‘Download’ option at the top.

Word Docs

Interface of Online Word comes with three Ribbon based Toolbars – Home, Insert and View. Features like Auto Spell Check and Inserting Table, Images and Clip Art are also supported.

Online Excel also looked decent with fair support for formulas. It was also possible to insert Tables and Graphs.

Excel Docs

Online PowerPoint first of all gives you option to choose a template for your presentation, very much like the Desktop version.

PowerPoint Templates Docs

Once you choose the Template, you can easily manipulate and create your presentation.

PowerPoint Docs

It was a very smooth experience to work with Microsoft Docs online. Any document can be shared by setting ‘Viewers’ and ‘Editors’ options, which you can see on the right side of page.

Therefore now no need to install MS Office on all systems, start Editing and Sharing your Microsoft office files online with