How much interesting it would be to run an application on demand (whenever we need) without installing it and messing up our PC.

This is what exactly allows us to do, it gives us a Virtual Machine running on Cloud and you can access all applications directly on your local machine without need to install them. provides free to use Sandbox like machine to run applications directly from their server, as a result you can run multiple version of same applications.


Such as for WebSite testing purposes you can run different versions of Internet Explorer  or any other Browser on your machine (no more unreliable testing on compatibility mode).


They also provide a Desktop Application Console, which makes it easier to access all virtual applications on your system. Just select any app from the list and click on it. It will take some time to download and load on your machine, but it will not be installed.


All applications are grouped under different Categories (Such as Productivity, Tools, Media, Social, Games) which can be accessed using the menu or search bar. Using application from Spoon server has one more benefit that  Virtual machine sandboxes automatically synchronize between devices.

Therefore now no need to install any application while working one someone else’s machine, use office packages (Open Office, Libre Office or Oxygen Office Professional) or File Compression tools or any other software directly from this virtual machine. is supporting a large number of applications currently and this list is increasing day by day. Up to 1GB of usages is free for personal use, however they have commercial plans with 10GB and 100GB of usages.