Today Yahoo launched their Axis Browser plugin for  Desktop and Yahoo Axis Browser for iPad, iPhone . Yahoo Axis Browser is an attempt from Yahoo to regain their lost space in the search engine world.

Axis Browser enhances overall searching experience by showing results in a list of scrollable thumbnails rather than a static list of results. Visual representation of results make it more understandable, as well as this interface is more Touch Screen friendly.

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Once you install Yahoo Axis Browser, it will synchronize your all bookmarks and recently opened pages.Therefore your all bookmarks will be available on your all computers as well as on your iPad and iPhone.

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Axis on Desktop is a browser plugin available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It appears as a search bar at the bottom of the screen and allows you to search items without leaving the current page.

Axis Bar

Once you type a string you get all search results in the form of scrollable Page Thumbnails.

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On iPhone and iPad Axis comes as a browser with integrated search bar, this version has more touch screen related features, such as you can scroll from one search result to other simply by  swiping the screen. However even as a browser the main focus of Yahoo Axis Browser remains on enhancing searching capabilities.