Pin these money saving website in your browser so they remain always open. Even if you restart your browser you will always have these websites available.-

1) Ebates/Rakuten –

Do you like doing online shopping. Start using cashback websites like Rakuten (old name Ebates) to get cash back every-time when you order. Using these websites is very simple, but the problem is that most of the time we forget to use them while placing an order. Keeping it pinned and you will be getting cash backs everytime you purchase items online.

2) –

It is very important to keep track of expenses and make a budget for your household. Doing it manually takes a lot of effort and time. But can automate this process and track your expenses. All you need to do it is to connect your credit card accounts and bank accounts, and create a budget on Mint. After this it will Mint will fetch all your income and expenses and will categorize it against your budget. Every month you can see how good you are in staying within your budget.

3) Acorns –

Invest your spare change with every transaction. The way this site works is very simple, it connects with your banks website and rounds of any transaction you make. The spare change is moved to your investment account, and it all happens automatically. So even before you know you will be saving, investing and growing your money. However this website is not totally free, it charges you $1 every month, for the invest feature. But spending $1 a month will save you a lot in long run.

4) –

Search by your zip code or address and you can find list of near by restaurants for which you can buy gift cards for even less than half of the total price (ex. – you can buy $10 gift card only for $4). A great option for anyone who loves to eat out.

5) Amazon Wharehouse Deals –

 Amazon offers special deals for pre-owned, used, and open box items, which may give you good savings on products which are in great condition. Do not forget to check wharehouse deals first before buying anything from the main website. Also, combine this with Ebates/Rakuten and you will be getting extra cashback on each purchase.

6) Raise –

You can buy gift cards for almost all brands on this website. And usually they offer good discounts on them. So if you are planning to buy something, it is worth checking here and using gift cards for the purchase instead of directly using your credit card. This can easily save you good % of money every month. Ex. – At the time of writing this article, Starbucks Gift cards are being sold at 8.5% discount.

7) SuperCook –

This great website will give you recipes for any ingredient you have. Just select the items you have available and find many recipes. This helps a lot in using all the items you have at home, rather than buying more items.

8) Public Library –

If you are a book lover, keep your library’s website always pinned. Not all books are collectibles, so instead of buying every book before you read, first read them from your local library. Buy it only if you liked the book. This will save you money and space both. Most of the libraries now also offer E-books and Audiobooks. Also, use public library website to place hold on the books you want to read, go to library once they are ready for pickup.

Bonus – One website which you should NOT keep open

Deals Website :

Have you heard the joke : Today you can save up-to 40%, if you shop on Amazon, or you can save 100% if you don’t.

Moral of the story, you will save a lot more money by not keeping any of the deal websites open all the time. They only trigger impulse to buy more, even the items which you do not need.


Do you use any other website which helps you saving money, feel free to share with everyone in comments.