Songbird is a feature packed open source Media Player which uses the Mozilla XULRunner framework.

SongBird 7 Digital

It is a cross platform media player which is available for Windows, iOS and Android platform. Its support for Linux was dropped but later on ‘Nightingale Media Player‘ was created for Linux platform using the same source code.

SongBird Options

Songbird Media Player supports Add-ons which allows to enhance appearance as well as functionality of the player such as 7digital Music, LastFm, SHOUTCast, Concerts and support for iPod.

SongBird Concerts

Songbird comes with very easy to use interface with simple to understand controls. It can be used to search and list all media files from your local hard drive, as well as it can work for playing streaming media.

We test SHOUTCast and Lastfm streaming radio working flawless with the player which gives you option to enjoy streaming audio.

SongBird SHOUTcast

However Lastfm option was difficult to find as it was located as a small icon on right side of status bar.

SongBird LastFM

Songbird is a open source media player which also allows you to use its Facebook application and follow your favorite artists over Facebook.


SongBird Me Follow

However we also found few areas where Songbird needs some improvement, such as file extension support was not so extensive and disappointed us at few occasion. Specially when we compare it with players like VLC and KMPlayer.

Still we would recommend you to check this open source media player and explore its unique and extendable features.