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Create River between ElasticSearch and MS SQL Server for Automatic Data Transfer

After setting up ElasticSearch server, it’s a primary requirement to create Index for all the data which is on MS SQL Server. ElasticSearch provides ‘ElasticSearch River’ for this purpose,  and we can create river between ElasticSearch and MS SQL Server… Continue Reading →

How To Disable Email Via Google Plus

Recently Google changed its privacy setting and started allowing anyone to send you email using your Google plus profile. Most of the users not welcoming this step as anticipated by Google and want to know how to change and disable this… Continue Reading →

Ping Search Engines After Updating Your Web Site

Whenever you make any change to your Web Site which affects your sitemap, you should ping Search Engines after updating your web site. This will ask Search Engines to crawl your updated page and index the updated data. Such as… Continue Reading →

Yahoo Axis Browser: Enhances The Searching

Today Yahoo launched their Axis Browser plugin for  Desktop and Yahoo Axis Browser for iPad, iPhone . Yahoo Axis Browser is an attempt from Yahoo to regain their lost space in the search engine world. Axis Browser enhances overall searching… Continue Reading →

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