Socl logoOn 20th May, 2012 Microsoft has finally entered Social Networking arena with launch of its new social networking site

However after looking at this site we would not like to call it a Social Networking site, we would prefer to call it a social Search Sharing site.

The entire focus of this new social networking site is to Search different things on Web and share your findings with other people.

Socl Home allows to login using either Live Id or Facebook account. Good thing is that, using Facebook to access account allows us to easily invite all Facebook friends to join this new site.

On first log-in asks you to select your areas of interest so you get feeds based on what you follow.

socl Build Feed


On the left hand side of Page, you get a socl Home Itemsmenu for accessing all different features.













Most of the features are easy to understand, however you will notice a new feature called ‘Video Party’.

Microsoft gives an option to watch a Video with your all friends. Process is quite simple, start a Video Party, add one or more Videos of interest (such as any YouTube video) and invite your friends to watch it.


Which playing that video you will have a chat window enabled, so you can chat or comment about video while watching it together.

Other features like Feed, Follow, Post and Update Status does not need any explanation for people already using Social Networking sites.

Currently does not allow posting images. However we have heard that Microsoft is working on it and feature will be added soon.

Microsoft is calling ‘’ a ‘Social Networking For Students’, and we also feel that its primarily for sharing your search results and not about creating your social network by knowing people.

So is not an another Facebook or Google+. Try and let us know what you feel.