Recently Twitter has enhanced its ‘#Discover Tab’ to show more personalized and relevant data.

‘Discover’ is one of the three tabs given at top toolbar of Twitter. This Tab has always been special as it takes users to the outside world by showing top stories happening around them.

twitter Discover Tab

Twitter ‘Discover’ tab will list all most popular Stories from around the world, and selection of stories are based on your preferences.

It shows you a list of articles and blogs which have been twitted by others and can be relevant to you also.

twitter Discover Page

These stories are picked up based on which people you follow and what is being liked by people of common interest. Twitter is continuously enhancing functionality of #Discover tab and you may see more enhancements in near future.

At the end of every story you have option to see who has tweeted this story and you can also Twit that story on your page.

Now you don’t have to keep checking all posted links to find out some interesting articles. Twitter discover tab is finding the most relevant items for you, so start ‘Discovering’ beyond twits.