Category Social Networking : Location Based Social Networking comes with a very simple concept, show social feeds on a Map. This is a unique  location based Social Networking site. You move your mouse on the map and it will display all the nearby locations listed along with… Continue Reading →

Friendly: Best Alternative Facebook App on iPhone

The official Facebook app used to be the best Facebook app on iPhone. But with time it has grown in to a bloated app hogging a lot of memory space. On top of that they recently removed support for messages… Continue Reading →

Be Yourself On Anonymous Social Networking Apps

Social Networking sites like Facebook always wanted to give people real world social experience and unfortunately it has actually become a social networking place where you need to be conscious about your image just like the real life. On Facebook… Continue Reading →

Facebook Launched Photo And Video Sharing App Slingshot

After goof-up of releasing Slingshot by mistake in Indian App store, finally Facebook has officially launched its photo and Video sharing app Slingshot for Android and iPhone. Facebook has been desperate to create an app for competing with Snapchat and… Continue Reading →

Best Firefox Plugins For Facebook

Lets checkout the best Firefox plugins for Facebook which you must have. If you are a Facebook lover and a power user of Social Networking sites you can not live without them. 1) F. B. Purity – F. B. Purity… Continue Reading →

Find And Chat With New People On Mobile

There are times when you want to talk to new people and make new friends with similar interests. Purpose can be anything from doing a normal chat to friendship or dating. Lets checkout few such apps which allows you to… Continue Reading →

New Facebook iPhone App Allows Editing Comments And Posts

New version of Facebook’s official App (v6.6) on iPhone allows you to edit your comments and posts directly from mobile. Earlier it was only possible through its Website. Apart from this, now users can also post photos in Comments and… Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Social Networking Site in 5 Minutes Using BuddyPress From WordPress

Enough of using Facebook and MySpace, now you want to start your own Social Networking site for your group of friends, you can create your own Social Networking Site in 5 Minutes Using BuddyPress From WordPress. All you need is… Continue Reading →

IM, Email and Social Networks Get All On Digsby Messenger

In the crowed of  different multi-protocol messengers Digsby stands out because its not just for chatting, is supports Instant Messages, Email and Social Networks, all at one place. Digsby is most feature rich messenger which supports all popular Chat protocols… Continue Reading → Provides Facebook Face Recognition Software is a company which have created different Facebook Face Recognition software and tagging software. They are dedicated in research and development of better face recognition technology. Most recent face recognition software for Facebook has been Klik by Klik… Continue Reading →

Find People on Social Networking Sites Using Ark

Multiple Social Networking sites have resulted in spreading people across different sites, which makes it difficult to find people on social networking sites. Even when we try to find people on a social networking site such as on Facebook, we… Continue Reading → New Social Networking Site From Microsoft

On 20th May, 2012 Microsoft has finally entered Social Networking arena with launch of its new social networking site However after looking at this site we would not like to call it a Social Networking site, we would prefer… Continue Reading →

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