wp-Themes-Copy.jpgWordPress is one platform which allows to create and maintain professional websites without writing even a single line of code. WordPress is primarily associated to blogging and it is so perfect that most of the people ignore its use for other purposes.

Different types of websites can be created using WordPress platform, we will be checking 10 most common types of websites which can be created using WordPress platform.

1) Blogging –

Yes this is the primary reason WordPress is used for. WordPress can be considered as one of the best platform to start your blogging website.

Once it is installed, you can maintain and customize it from a easy to use Dashboard and without writing even a single line of code, you can run a professional blogging site.

Number of themes and plugins are freely available, all you have to do is to search on Google. You can also check official list of themes on WordPress theme page also.


2) Forum –

Start your forum using WordPress platform is as easy as installing a plugin. Because there are multiple themes and plugins which can transform WordPress installation into a forum where users can post updates and discuss different topics.

a) bbPress


This is the most famous plugin for creating online forum. It is available for free and can be downloaded from their official site.

If you want to get step by step tutorial to start your bbPress forum, you can get that also on their website. Apart from this there are few other options also, such as –

a) CM Answers

b) SimplePress


3) Social Networking Site –


You can start a social networking site for your family, company, school or college. Lets check the most popular and feature rich plugins available for creating a Social Networking site using WordPress –

a) BuddyPress

This is most popular plugin for creating Social Networking site using WordPress installation. We have already covered this nice plugin on Techovity and complete details can be found here in this article on BuddyPress.

b)  WP Symposium


4) E-commerce –

Although WordPress is not considered as the best eCommerce platform, it definitely can be considered as one of the easiest one. Specially if you want to start and experiment with an online store before going for a bigger e-commerce solution like Magento.

There are multiple plugins and themes available for setting up an eCommerce site which are very feature rich –

a) WooCommerce


A popular plugin which has got a large number of compatible themes available.

b) WP eCommerce

c) JigoShop


5) Job Listing –

You can start a job portal also using WordPress. This can be done with help of themes which are available for free as well as paid. This type of website allow new and registered user to go through job listings and apply for the suitable positions. WordPress Dashboard can be used to add new positions to the job list. Following are few options to create a Job Listing website using WordPress –

a) WP Job Manager

b) WP Employment

c) Jobify



6) Wedding Website –


It would be really a nice idea to surprise your loved ones by buying a domain for you and your spouse and start a Wedding Website using WordPress. There are many beautiful and romantic themes available for setting up your wedding site. Following are few themes which you would like to check –

a) Unite

b) Wedding

c) More Wedding Themes on WordPress


7) Coupon and Deals Website –


Coupon and deals website is different from normal eCommerce websites, because here you do not sell any product. You share coupons and deal details with customers, which may be for other websites. Following are themes which can help you with setting up a Deal website on WordPress –

a) WP Deals

b) Social Deal Engine


8) Portfolio Website –

Create a Company or Portfolio website with ease using many free themes of WordPress. These themes are configurable and flexible to fit your need and can be customized to suit different types of portfolios. Following are most famous options –

a) Portfolio Press

b) Pictorico

c) WP-Creativix


9) Multi-User Blogging –


What about allowing your website users to start their own blogs. Yes you can setup a Multi user blogging website using WordPress and every user can write his own blogs.

Every account on your website can get a sub domain on your main domain and setup their own blog site. So if a user wants to start his blog on your website ‘ComeAndBlog.com’, he will be given address ‘user.ComeAndBlog.com’.

Earlier Multi-user blogging was a plugin, but now its part of the main WordPress website. Step by step guide to setup a multi-user website using WordPress is available here.


10) Video and Multimedia Site –


WordPress is known to be a platform for reading and writing stuff. But very few people know that it can be used to create great multimedia Websites also. WordPress can be used to start a Video/Audio or Photo blog or share interesting multimedia stuffs from around the world.

 Video Blogging –

a) VideoPress

b) WebVideo

c) Sundance


Photo Sharing –

a) Duotone

b) Photographic

c) Minimatica