Making VoIP call used to limit people to their computers. Availability of mobile VoIP apps for making low-cost international calls sets us free from computer screens and now we can make cheap international VoIP calls using 3G network also.


1) Skype –

SkypeIconIt is one of the most famous and well-known software for making cheap international calls. Skype allows making Skype to Skype free calls and very low-cost calls to any national or international phone number.

Skype Dialer is easy to use and you can either type a new number or choose any contact from the Phone’s contact list. Skype contacts are shown under People tab, and you can call them for free.

Here you can also find well-known Skype Echo Service listed as a contact. You can call Echo/Sound Test service to check if your phone’s Microphone and speakers are working fine.

After Microsoft acquired Skype, they have overhauled complete interface. Now it’s based on Metro UI, and looks more like a Windows 8 app even on iPhone.


Skype for iPhone comes with all required features. You can make calls, you can receive calls, you can send Skype Messages or SMS on a mobile no (paid functionality), send Video message and you can check your account.

Your account settings will show you remaining Skype Credit which is required for making any call to a phone using VOIP. If you want to buy additional credit, click your Skype Credit information and you will be given option to add more credit.


Skype call quality was good and even on international calls any quality loss was not seen. After testing on WiFi (10mb/s) I tested Skype with 3G Internet and call quality was still good. However there was a minor delay and voice was coming after around half second. This was not the case while using WiFi connection. So obviously with low-bandwidth lag time will increase.

Over all Skype mobile app makes it really easy and handy to make cheap international calls on the go and like old times you are no more stuck to your PC for Skype calls.

Skype is available for iOS and Android.


2) Localphone –

LocalphoneIconLocalphone is well known name in providing low cost calling rates for making international calls. Localphone also provides app for making VOIP calls directly from your mobile.

You require to first create an account with to use this app. Once you login to Localphone app you can verify your current mobile number and start using it.

Interface of this app is simple and easy to use. You get 5 options at the bottom of screen – Contact, Keyboard, SMS, Share and More.

Contact is the list of contacts saved with Localphone, you can import your phone’s all contacts or add manually.

Keyboard allows you to type any phone number and make a call.



More options gives you option to check call rates for different countries. Recharging is not available using Localphone mobile app and you will need to go on Localphone website for purchasing more credits.

When tested for call quality, Localphone was showing lag of around 1 second and if you speak too fast, mobile app will start to drop words. By considering call rates of Localphone (which is cheaper than Skype call rates) this can be a good option for personal use, however it is recommended for professional use (such as for client calls).

Localphone mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.

3) Vonage –

VonageIconWhen it comes to VOIP, Vonage is not a new name. Vonage has been one of the key players in providing VoIP solutions for personal and professional usage. Now Vonage is offering their mobile app also.

Vonage mobile app is simple to use and offers nice features. It offers Vonage to Vonage free calls up to 5 devices. However making a call to any phone number requires to buy Vonage credits. Calls can be made to phone numbers using either dial pad or by accessing contact list.

Call quality of Vonage is very good and time lag was negligible. Voice was clear however like all other VOIP services if you speak too fast, voice will start to drop. This is a common technique used by VoIP apps to optimize the call clarity by dropping the data which looks like noise.


One notable thing with Vonage is that when you make a call, your real mobile number is shown to the receiver and not a dummy number (unlike Skype or Localphone).

Call quality of Vonage mobile is better than Localphone app, however call rates of Localphone is cheaper than Skype and Vonage.

Vonage Mobile is available for iPhone and Android.



You can also use Nimbuzz to make VoIP Calls from Mobile, check details here.