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Why Websites are denying access to readers with Ad-block

There is a war going on between content publishing websites and Ad-block plugins. While Ad-Blockers are trying to block all advertisements from the websites, most of the content publishing websites (like blog sites, news publishers and social media sites) are… Continue Reading →

Create 10 Different Type of Websites Using WordPress

WordPress is one platform which allows to create and maintain professional websites without writing even a single line of code. WordPress is primarily associated to blogging and it is so perfect that most of the people ignore its use for… Continue Reading →

WriteApp : A Very Promising Markdown Writing App On Web And Mobile

WriteApp is a web based free App for the people who love to write. You would love its features as a writer, such as distraction free clean interface, support for multiple platform (Web App and Mobile), Markdown support, can take… Continue Reading →

How To Start Free Newsletter For Your Blog Using MailChimp

Newsletters are great way to increase visitor count on your WordPress blog. However most of the newsletter solutions are either paid and quite complex. There are free options available but most of them have very limited features and are complex… Continue Reading →

Protect Your WordPress Site Using Best Security Plugins

You have got your WordPress blog site up and running and now you hope everything to work forever without any hiccup. But this dream can break at any moment, as there are hackers out there who know how easily they… Continue Reading →

Prompts Review : A Nice iPhone App For Writers

Prompts is a nice iPhone app which has got minimalistic interface and it is a nice little App for writers. Its available for both iPhone and iPad. With Prompts you can quickly start writing about anything by adding an article…. Continue Reading →

Create Google Adsense Like Clickable Banner For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress has given a great platform for bloggers. However many bloggers wounder how can they create their own Google Adsense like clickable banners for their WordPress based blog. It is very easy to create a clickable banner,  following are the… Continue Reading →

Techovity Blogging Report 2013

Techovity Blogging Report is now ready for 2013, this was created by WordPress Jetpack. This report is public and can be accessed here – Techovity in 2013.   ——————————- End Of Quickie —————————–

Ping Search Engines After Updating Your Web Site

Whenever you make any change to your Web Site which affects your sitemap, you should ping Search Engines after updating your web site. This will ask Search Engines to crawl your updated page and index the updated data. Such as… Continue Reading →

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