Enough of using Facebook and MySpace, now you want to start your own Social Networking site for your group of friends, you can create your own Social Networking Site in 5 Minutes Using BuddyPress From WordPress. All you need is a your custom Web Site hosted using WordPress.

BuddyPress is a Plugin supported by ‘Automattic‘ who are creators of WordPress. This BuddyPress Plugin will convert your Word Press Web Site into a full featured Social Networking site just in 5 Steps.

Buddy Press Setup

BuddyPress comes with all different modules which are required to setup a complete Social Networking site. Such as Activity Streams on Home Screen, User Groups, Profiles, Friends List and Private Messages.

Buddy Press Modules


Word Press IconOne great functionality is that using BuddyPress each of your users can start their own blogs (using integrated WordPress engine) and discussion forums (using integrated bbPress engine). This will give your users more functionality than any other Social Networking site.

There are many BuddyPress Themes available for BuddyPress Social Networking Sites which can be downloaded for free. Therefore you can customize look and feel of your Social Networking Site.

You can also enhance features on your Web Site by installing BuddyPress Plugins.

I experimented by transforming Techovity.com into a Social Networking site and it took just 5 Minutes to have a fully working own Social Networking site in front of me.

Techovity Buddy Press Site

So if you always wanted to create your own Social Networking site for your School, College or any Group and you always thought it will require you thousands of bucks and some expert Software Engineer to do that, its your time to start it using BuddyPress, without spending any extra money and without any Software Development knowledge.