SnapChatIconAs reported a day ago Snapchat photos were leaked by hacking a third party website, which was allowing Snapchat photos to be saved on their server. Recently someone started to share all these photos publicly on a website.

As reported by Mashable the person who is illegally distributing these private photos can be a 19 year old boy from India whose name is ‘Mudit Grover’. This person lives in Noida and belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
He is not only distributing these private photos of people openly, he is also bragging about getting 5 million hits on his website.

Mashable was able able to track Twitter and Facebook account of this boy. This guy is reported to be also linked with publicly sharing of stolen celebrity photos last month. He has been active on Reddit with user name massguru.

As all these photos are being hosted on his privately owned websites which are filled with ads. It seems like this boy is taking this illegal practice as a profession for making money.

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