comes with a very simple concept, show social feeds on a Map. This is a unique  location based Social Networking site. You move your mouse on the map and it will display all the nearby locations listed along with the feeds shared by people at that location.


Users can share their thoughts and images associated with any location. will detect your current location and show it, location can also be changed by moving mouse over the map. When you post something, it gets attached to the location selected. Everything you share will be shown to the other users, once they come close to that place on the map.


While exploring places and comments on map, you can set the radius which you want to cover for searching feeds.

roundioScreen also suggests places like cities around the world, and you can check what is happening at those places. This an easy way to know latest happenings in your favorite city.

Overall is a simple concept executed beautifully. It feels like you are wandering around the places on a map, and reading updates from every location.

However currently this is nascent stage for and they are still in public beta stage. Currently only website is available which supports desktop and mobile devices. It is possible that you might not see much updates shared at your location, but it may be your chance to start writing your updates on map and share it with your friends.

If you find interesting, go grab your favorite user name before it’s taken by someone else.

Do you like the idea of a location based social networking website, share your comments.