BatteryApple’s iOS 9 has come up with great new features but many iPhone users are experiencing low battery life, specially with the old iPhone models. So it is right time to know all the tips and tricks to extend battery life of your iPhone and iPad with iOS9. Many of these settings will work with other versions of iOS also. –

1) Turn-off Siri –

Yes if you are not actually using Siri, it is highly advisable to turn off Siri in your mobile. Many users enable Siri just to have fun but after few days they almost forget it.
If you are one of those users, remember that Siri will always be working in the background and would be eating up iPhone’s battery. Better switch Siri off till you decide to use it.

Siri can be switched off from here –

Settings > General > Siri > Disable it.

2) Spotlight Search –

Spotlight search now comes with Siri suggestions. This new feature gives you Google Now like context based suggestions. However turning it off if you do not need Siri Suggestions.

Disable Siri Suggestions in Spotlight search –

Settings > General > Spotlight Search > Siri Suggestions > Turn it off

3) Turn off Handoff –

Handoff allows to share video stream, data and application states between apple devices which are on the same WiFi network. However it is safe to turn it off when you are low on battery.

You can turn it permanently off if you have no intention to use Handoff feature or if you don’t have multiple Apple devices (iPhones, iPads etc) to share data between them (as Handoff works only among Apple devices).

Turn off Handoff –

Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps > Turn  off Handoff

4) Background App Refresh –

Background app refresh causes a lot of battery draining, and it keeps increasing with increasing number of apps which are running in the background. It is better to keep a check on this feature.

See which apps should not be running in background and disable background refresh for those apps (definitely you do no want your games to run in background when you are not playing them).

Change this setting from –

Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn it off or Choose apps for which you want to disable it.




5) Turn on Low Power Mode –

This new power saving feature has been introduced with iOS9 which is a great battery saver. Your iPhone will also suggest you to switch to Low Power Mode as soon as remaining battery of your mobile goes below 20%. Enabling low power mode automatically changes multiple settings which are required to reduces battery usages, such as it stops background refresh for Apps, disable animation effects and many more suck tweaks.

You can turn on low power mode whenever you want to save iPhone battery.

Turn Low Power Mode on from –

Settings > Battery > Turn Low Power Mode on


6) Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth –

If you are not using WiFi or Bluetooth switch it off. Otherwise in background your mobile will keep looking for Bluetooth devices and WiFi connections resulting in more battery usages.

Settings > Battery > Turn WiFi Of/ Turn Bluetooth Off

7) Reduce Animation –

iOS comes with many small animation effects. These all effects eat up a lot of battery throughout the day. If you can live without them, you can turn them off from Settings>General > Accessibility> Reduce Motion > Turn On

8) Location Services  –

There are more tweaks which can be done to increase battery life. Such as you can turn off location service entirely or restrict it to only few apps from.

It is also advisable to check what apps have location service access ‘Always on’, you should set them to ‘While Using the app’ –

Settings > Privacy > Location Service

9) Brightness –

Reduce the screen brightness.  More brightness costs you more battery. However the best approach would be to enable Auto-Brightness for normal usages. When you need to get more battery life just set it manually to minimal setting.

You can change iPhone brightness from –

Settings > Display & Brightness

Best part is that iOS 9 gives you a very detail view about how much battery is being used by which App. So when your iPhone is low on battery you can easily decide to not to use apps which are consuming maximum battery life. View this details from  –

Settings > Battery > Battery Usage



All these tweaks will extend your iPhone battery life for many extra hours. Feel free to share what additional tricks you are using to maximize your iPhone battery life.