Do you want to use your Android Phone or Android Mini Tv box (such as MK808) as a torrent server, where torrents will keep downloading in the background and you can add/remove torrents from remote computer.

This is easy to do on a Windows or a Linux PC because of clients such as uTorrent and Transmission, as they already come with a Web interface. However on Android platform we miss such feature in almost all torrent clients .

One Android app which comes with the feature of WebUI for Android environment is tTorrent Lite.

tTorrent Lite comes as a freeware and can be downloaded from Google Play store. It has got all the basic features which you would expect from a torrent application. Enabling its web interface is pretty easy, just go to Settings and check the checkbox of Web Interface. Once enabled, tTorrent can be accessed on its default port 1080, however you can set any other port also.


You can update other settings also like Theme, notifications, number of Active Downloads, Directory settings, Network settings and RSS settings.

Torrent web interface url would look something like below URL on LAN (update the IP with the IP of your Android device) –

From the web interface of tTorrent Lite you can monitor and control your existing torrents.  You would also be able to add new torrents from torrent file, URL or Magnet link. This WebUI is responsive and can be opened on other devices such as on a mobile or a tablet also. On mobile you can also use app like Transdroid to connect to a tTorrent server.



tTorrent allows you to convert your Android device into a torrent server which can be controlled remotely by connecting it from PC or another mobile. Therefore you do not need to use your computer for downloading purposes, use any old android mobile or any Android Mini Tv box (such as MK808) to download torrents in the background and keep checking it remotely from your PC using web interface. You can also consider adding tTorrent to the list of startup programs, so whenever your device is restarted, your torrents will be resumed.

I have been using tTorrent on my MK808 TV box with a 32GB memory card and I have also added Samba server on Android. Thus without physically checking MK808 box, I can add/remove torrents as well as access my downloaded files using laptop.