Live Face swapping apps have become a latest craze and people are sharing so many funny videos on YouTube and social networking sites. Lets see how to surprise your friends with some cool face swapped videos and photos –

1) MSQRD –


On Masquerade you can get celebrity faces, animal faces, cool animation effects and swap your face with your partner or friend. You can record videos, take pics and share it with others. Cool effects and nice animations, Masquerade is definitely one of the best apps around.Recently, Facebook has acquired Masquerade, which also tells about the quality of this app.

MSQRD_Faces3 MSQRD_Faces2 MSQRD_Faces1

On iOS (iPhone and iPad) MSQRD is available with all the features. However, on Android it is currently in Beta phase and only limited features are available.

Download – Apple App store, Google Play.


2) Face Swap Live Lite –


Swap your face with the other person in the frame or change your face with some celebrity photos. This app is also very realistic and easily you can record videos with live face swapping. Save it, share it and have fun. You can also get Face Swap Live paid version.


Currently Face Swap Live is available only on iOS, it is planning to release the Android version soon.

Download – Free Lite Version, Paid Version


Let the Fun Begin –

Live face swapping technology has started to grow and with time we can expect more nice apps in this area.

Currently there are many other face swapping apps also but most of them have limited features and they do not support live face swapping during video recording.

MSQRD has clearly got an edge over other apps because of its quality. Due to it’s popularity, many additional apps have started to emerge for MSQRD fans, like ‘Feeds for MSQRD’, Video MSQRD  and ‘Player for MSQRD’.

Unfortunately, on the Android operating system currently we do not have any quality app which is as good as these two iPhone apps. However, both of the above mentioned apps are coming with all features on Android also. Soon Android users will also be able to have the same level of fun.

So no more Photoshop skills required, start to have fun with live face swapping.