How often you want to keep track of a coming Movie, Birthday, Holidays or any other important events. For such purposes you need an application which shows you days left to your event, and notifies you as soon as due date approaches. is one such free software and it is the best Countdown app for  such requirements. It is a simple countdown app which allows you to add due dates for a coming events, and based on the given date and time it starts to show a countdown ticker. Once you are close to the due date, will start showing a red circle on it and it will notify you as soon as countdown completes.

IMG_1239     IMG_1240

This free app have got minimalistic interface and it allows you to add as many countdown as you want. You can also share your countdown on Facebook and Twitter. Just tap a countdown and you will get all the options on screen. is a simple and very useful software. Its currently available on for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and not for Android.