Sometimes intelligent behavior of a software becomes more trouble than help. One such feature is auto changing status of

Microsoft Lync

.  It sets your status Away if you leave your system inactive for 5 minutes. There are scenarios when we don’t want this to happen. Lets see how can we change this setting and always appear Active on Lync.



These steps will work with

Microsoft Lync

2010 as well as Lync 2013 –

1) Open Options dialog box by clicking on the Gear icon at the top right side of Lync. It will expose Tools> Options. Click on Options.



2) An Options dialog box will appear on screen. Here on the left hand side you have setting groups like – General, Personal etc. Click on group ‘Status’ here.


3) This will show you all settings related with Status. On right pane of this screen you will see that first two settings are responsible for showing your Lync Status as Inactive and Away. By default this is at 5 minutes. Increase it to a big number as 60 or 90 minutes and your Lync will show ‘Active’ Status for next 90 minutes even if you are not on system.




This change will allow you to practically disable the auto changing Away status of Microsoft Lync and will help you to keep your status always Active.

Note : As mentioned by one of the readers (in below comments), if you do not have admin right to change this setting. A workaround to prevent your system from going into Inactive or Idle status is to use this tiny

free tool ‘NoSleep’

. It keeps shaking your mouse cursor a bit after a small time interval, thus does not let your system to go into sleep mode. πŸ™‚