Almost everyone find himself facing performance problems with his computer after using it for some time. This is the time we start to look for a system tool which can resolve PC Performance issues. System Mechanic from Iolo is one such system utility which promises to be a single free system tool to handle and resolve computer performance issues and other common pc problems.

System Mechanic is not a new name in the field of System tools for resolving PC Problem. It has been a well known and reputed tool for years. However with every year it is trying to keep pace with changing Operating System technology and new system problems.

Iolo System Mechanic offers a free version with limited features as well as a full featured paid version for $30.

Lets see if this investment in system tool is worth trying or not.

Interface of this software divides its functionality into segments – Dashboard, ActiveCare, LiveBoost, Internet Security, Toolbox and Reports.

Dashboard gives you option to scan your system for any problem by clicking on ‘Analyze Now’ button. Once analysis is done System Mechanic lists all the problems in Dashboard. All problems are grouped based on their criticality and I highly recommend to read these issues before clicking to fix them.


I always recommend people to not fix issues related with Windows Registry, because most often such fixes causes more trouble then benefit. So until you exactly know what registry issue is causing what problem, un-check all registry problems and you can ignore them safely.


ActiveCare allows you to keep System Mechanic monitoring for any future problems. System Mechanic will use your computers idle time to scan your system in background.

LiveBoost claims to help your processor, RAM and Hard Drive to perform better in real time.

Internet Security is a good part of this application. It checks your system for availability of Malware Protection and Firewall. On my system it was able to detect Antivirus and Sygate Firewall, so it showed a green status.

Toolbox section of System Mechanic is for advance users. You have individual system tools listed here, such as PC Clean Up, Registry Cleanup etc. You can run them one by one. Again I will repeat avoid any unnecessary changes in Registry values.

Final segment is for Reports, here you can see current and old reports generated about your computer.

Overall System Mechanic proves to be a good all-round free System Utility for your Computer Health check and for fixing common problems. You can also consider buying its discounted copy of professional version directly from its Website.

However with time many small system tools have emerged in the scene which may not be as feature rich as System Mechanic, but they are handling their individual jobs quite impressively. Very soon we will be featuring such tiny free system tools on our website.