TelegramMessengerAfter success of WhatsApp, many messengers have popped up in the scene. Everyone claims to have great features, but rarely someone talks about security features.

In a time when servers are being hacked, Government is trying to track all communication and big companies like Google and Facebook is reading user data for showing ads, it has become prime importance to give attention to security and privacy of your communication.

Due to these reasons one messenger which has gained a lot of attention in a short span of time is Telegram messenger. It is different from all other messengers because it has been created with keeping security in mind. So it is right time to know the reasons why we should start using Telegram messenger –


1) Always Free –

Its all features are free with no ads and it will remain always free. No need to pay subscription after one year or upgrade for full features.

2) Available for All Mobile Platforms-

Telegram is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. So you can have it on any mobile or Tablet running Android or iOS

3) Most Secure –

Your all messages are secured using MTProto which uses a strong security algorithm. In comparison to other messengers, Telegram is much more secure, as well as it has got a privacy policy which prevents it from sharing any user information with any third party.

4) Secret Chat –

Need more security, here comes the Secret Chat. This gives you even higher levels of security by providing end to end encryption. Nothing is ever saved on Telegram sever, so your messages, photos and videos will not leak even if Telegram servers are hacked and compromised.

5) Self Destructive Messages –

Set time for messages and pictures which will self delete on receiver’s mobile after given time. So no trace is left for what you sent, you may be using SnapChat for this feature.

6) Available on All Devices –


Unlike WhatsApp it is not limited to mobile devices only. Telegram is available for Mobile, Tablets, Windows Operating System, Linux OS, Mac OS, Chrome Addin and also on a Web Interface. There are other unofficial apps also which support Telegram, because Telegram APIs are open to use and more apps will be coming in future supporting it.

7) Facebook Can’t Buy It –

If you also feel that Facebook and Google is trying to acquire every mode of communication then Telegram is the answer. Telegram is Open Source, so no one company can control it. That means any company can not track your data for spamming purposes.

8) Cloud Based Chatting –

Telegram is cloud based, so your data is always available and synchronized across the devices. Any message sent to you, will appear on all devices where you are logged-in, so you will never miss a message.

9) Feature Loaded –

If you are still not convinced, here comes the list of features which Telegram supports – Fast because of distributed server’s across the world, Share any file type (.doc, .zip or .pdf), Group Chat up to 200 members, Unlimited photo sharing, Video sharing upto 1GB files, Broadcast messages upto 100 users.

10) Your Friends Are Already Using –

Once you install it, you will be surprised to see how many of your friends are already using Telegram. Telegram can access your contact list and will show you everyone who is using it, you can also invite other people to join it.