EPFOLogoRecently EPFO Department in India has introduced Universal Account Numbers (UAN) for PF accounts. Every PF holder employee is required to get this UAN from their employer and activate it online and link their PF number with this UAN.


Honourable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi started UAN program  as a part of the labor reforms, which will allow portability of PF accounts. All employers who are providing PF accounts, have started to provide UAN number to their employees. You can find it either on your Salary Slip or check your status online at –



Once you have your UAN it is very important to activate it and create your online account.

Steps to Activate your UAN is quite simple. –

1) Go to EPFO website and click on ‘Activate Your UAN’ link. –


2) Check the box which says – ‘I Have Read and Understood the Instructions’.

3) This will show complete form which needs to be filled.


4) Fill your UAN number, mobile phone and Member Id.

Note: Here ‘Member Id’ can be entered using PF account number. Usually PF number looks like  this –

The first part HR represents state, second part 12345 represents Establishment Code and last part 4321 represents your Account Number.

5) After filling all information, click on Get Pin button. This will send a PIN number to your registered mobile number.

6) Enter authorization Pin number which you receive on your mobile and click Submit.

7) After you submit the page, the next page will open which will ask for more basic information. Such as your Father’s name, password and email. You will also need to confirm your Company’s name and Date Of Birth.

8) Click on Submit and your UAN activation process is done.

Now you can go on main EPFO website and use your log in credentials to log on. Once you log-in you can edit your profile, download UAN Passbook, Download UAN Card and do much more.