Gone are the days when keeping personal backup was limited to a pen drive or an external hard drive. With availability of many free cloud storage solutions, it has become more convenient and safer to keep backups online and keep it synced across your devices. Lets see how much free Cloud Storage different companies are offering and also how to get even more than 10TB Cloud storage for free –


1) Dropbox –

DropboxIconDropbox popularized the use of Cloud storage among common computer users and showed how easy and convenient it can be to use Cloud storage. But due to its very limited free storage and after entry of many other big players, now Dropbox has started to loose its grip. Dropbox free account offers only 2GB of free storage space.There are few ways to earn more free space (such as by installing Carousal and Mailbox apps on your mobile or by referring friends) and I was able to push it up to 6.25GB, but still it is not very attractive option when you are looking for large storage space.

Dropbox is available for Desktop, iOS, Android and is supported by maximum number of applications.


2) Google Drive –


Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage space and integrates seamlessly with Google Docs. Google Drive is integrated with almost all Google services like Gmail and Google+. So you can save files from Gmail and Google+ to Google Drive directly, however one trick here is that if you use Goolge+ and upload Images in Standard size (max pixel 2048), you get unlimited storage for photos from Google, otherwise it will be counted against your Google Drive storage limit.

Google Drive is available for PC/MAC, iOS and Android.


3) OneDrive –


Microsoft’s OneDrive came into race quite late but still it has gained popularity because of its smooth integration with other Microsoft applications. Specially if you have subscription of Office 365, you get 1TB OneDrive storage for free. For normal free account, OneDrive gives exactly the same space as Google Drive that is 15GB, however installing OneDrive on mobile and enabling camera uploads will give you more free storage.

Microsoft OneDrive is available for PC/Mac, iOS and Android.

4) Copy –


Copy is not very famous but it is from well known reputed security and backup company Barracuda. Barracuda Copy offers AES 256 encryption for your stored data. Total free storage offered by Barracuda is 15GB.

Copy is available for PC/Mac, iOS and Android.

5) Box –


Box has been providing personal and professional online storage solution. Personal plan gives you 10GB storage space for Free. But Box keeps on giving promotional offers where they give 25GB, or even 50GB space for free. So keep an eye on their offers, soon you can get one.

Box is available for PC/Mac, iOS and Android.

6) Amazon Cloud Drive –


Amazon cloud drive comes with very limited free storage space, that is  5GB only. Now Amazon is offering unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime subscribers. Get Amazon cloud for – iOS and Android.

7) ADrive –


After all those famous and known options, it is time to check out some not so famous options which are giving huge amount of online storage space.
The first company that will surprise you is ADrive, which is giving 50GB space for free. It has got all the basic features for taking backups and it has also got Zoho editor attached which will allow to edit documents online.

ADrive is available for – iOS and Android.

8) SurDoc –


Sign up for a free account and you get not 15GB, not 50GB but you are going to get 100GB cloud storage for free. SurDoc offers this huge space along with most of the features which you expect with your cloud storage – automatic backup, folder sync, SSL Encryption, No restriction on Document size.  However do not expect it to be as feature rich and mature as you will find Google Drive or OneDrive.

SurDoc is available for iOS and Android however you may face issues with these mobile apps. Suggested use will be to use SurDoc only for backing up data and not for regular file sync-ups between devices.


9) Tencent –


Tencent is the same company which creates famous messenger WeChat. This company has taken the Cloud storage game altogether to a new level. Tencent is offering staggering 10TB cloud storage space for free. If you are comfortable in keeping your data on a Chinese server, then you can grab this facility. Tencent is a big Internet company from China and has got mobile apps also for using its cloud service. Check complete instructions here –