Google has launched its new video chat application called Google Duo. It is considered to be a competitor of Apple’s Face-time. Google Duo is attached to your phone number (not to google Id) and has been optimized to be used on low bandwidth networks. It is designed to seamlessly switch between WiFi to mobile network. Because of its simplicity and good performance, Duo is gaining a lot of popularity. Just in a few days it has become top ranked app in the app stores.

However it Google Duo has got one feature which feels very spooky to most of the users.

When you call anyone on Video chat application, other person can see you even before that person picks up the call. Google calls this unique feature “Knock Knock”.

If you are one of the many users who does not like this feature, here are simple steps to turn off knock- knock on Google Duo –

1) On the top right side you can tap and it will show a menu


2) Click on – Settings

3) In the settings list, first option is Knock-Knock.


4) By default Knock Knock is On, click on the setting and turn it OFF.

Same steps can be followed to turn this feature ON of you decide to do bring it back.