There is a war going on between content publishing websites and Ad-block plugins. While Ad-Blockers are trying to block all advertisements from the websites, most of the content publishing websites (like blog sites, news publishers and social media sites) are deploying new ways to circumvent it or simply deny the content to the reader.

More and more websites are joining the group by denying to show content to the readers who are using any Ad Blocker plugin. So if you have installed some Ad blocker plugin, you should not be surprised to see messages like this –


Most of them are requesting readers to disable AdBlock plugin because Ads are the only way for them to generate revenue and continue publishing their content for free.

Every publishing house has reported losses which are occurring every month due to use of Ad blocks. It is estimated that around 15%-20% readers are using Ad blocks and this large number forced publishers to start taking steps to prevent loss. One common way is to check for use of AdBlocking plugin with browser and deny the page content to the user till the time plug-in is disabled.

Historically readers started to move towards Ad Block plug-ins because of intrusive advertisement. No one liked websites showing pop-up and Video ads while trying to read the page. So this is the time for both readers and content publishers to find a midway.

Ad Block users need to understand that writers and content publishers will not be able to offer their work online for free if they will not be able to cover their expenses. Ads are the only way to earn money for writers and publishers because they are offering their content for free. Therefore use of Ad Block plugins on such news or blog sites cause direct revenue losses. Similarly publishing industry should refrain from intrusive ads which makes it difficult for users to read the content. Readers can continue using Ad Block plug-ins, they just need to disable it for those websites which they trust and want to read.

Such as you can disable Ad Blocker only for Techovity. After opening go to Ad Blocker icon on top right side of the browser and select option – “Disable for”. This way plug-in will keep working on all other websites, it will safely allow only Techovity to display ads on the sidebar. Similarly this can be repeated for whichever websites you trust and want to use.


In fight between readers and publishers, only Ad blocker companies seem to be taking benefit. As both Adblock and Adblock Plus are taking money from advertisement companies to add their URLs in white list (Adblock Plus calls it Acceptable Ads and take 30% of the revenue). This practice has been criticized widely and is compared to extortion.

Similarly just a few months ago Adblock Plus joined hands with online donation start-up Flattr, which will allow readers to pay online publishers and bloggers they visit frequently. It is interesting to see how AdBlock Plus is optimistic that a large number of readers will soon be paying money for reading their favorite content. Unfortunately their act has started to make it true, because of Ad-blocks companies like Wired and Washington-Post have started to ask readers to either disable Ad block for their site or pay little charge to read their content.


So definitely breaking this ad based ecosystem (which provides free content to the readers), is in favor of Ad blocker companies. They will be finding more and more ways to generate money out of this, and they will be targeting both publishers and readers.

This is not good for readers because unknowingly they are falling into trap of Ad Block companies by supporting them, soon they will end up paying direct money for reading the content which was free always. Similarly blog writers and small content publishers will not be able to sustain the impact caused by Ad block. They require support from their readers in such situation.

Techovity also urges readers to disable Ad Block for Techovity and show your support for websites which are committed to provide free content to readers. We assure you that Techovity shows minimal ads which are safe and non-intrusive to our readers. Feel free to contact us to share any comments/suggestions.