StatusCakeLogoStatusCake is a nice and simple Website, providing service to monitor your servers for free. Unlike other server monitoring tools StatusCake allows you to add unlimited servers for regular monitoring with its free account.

It is a web based utility which will try to access your Website/Server at regular interval, whenever it finds that your Website/Server is not accessible, it will notify you through Mails and SMS.

Status Cake Current Tests


Following are the key features which are supported by this WebSite (in free account) –

1) StatusCake allows to add unlimited Websites for monitoring without any charges. They have multiple servers across the world which will be used randomly.

2) We can set Frequency of Test. Such as if frequency of test is set at 60 minutes,  StatusCake will test your servers once in every 60 minutes.

3) In case if it finds Website to be down, StatusCake will shoot an email on all given email Ids and can SMS on given Phone Numbers.

4) StatusCake not only checks if they can ping the listed WebSites, they also load complete Website page in their virtual Web Browser. Therefore they provide very realistic load time for the Website.

5) Maintenance Window supported. You can specify when you run your daily maintenance tasks and your servers should not be tested during this period.

6) We can also filter responses based on Error Status Code, such as if you want ‘Error 404’ should not cause Server down emails to be triggered, you can exclude Status Code 404 from the monitoring list.



StatusCake also offers paid services which are worth considering.