Lets check out few beautiful and feature rich photo management apps on iPhone which can effectively organize and manage photos. These can be better alternative to iPhone’s default photo management app ‘Camera Roll’, and give you enough features to effectively manage a large collection of photos.

1) Flayvr –


Organizes your photos based on Dates and creates beautiful albums automatically using your Camera Roll photos on iPhone.


Albums are shows an beautiful Collage of pics and videos, you can add/edit titles and details to these albums. These albums can then be shared with you friends through Facebook, twitter, Google+, email or SMS.

Flayvr Sharing Options

By default all your albums are private.

Pros – Great looking albums with no effort. Videos are also shown as part of collage which can be played by the application.

Cons – Since creation of album is done in background and takes time, you do not see your pics instantly in Flayvr. However once its done, it will send you a push notification.

Flayvr is currenlty only available for iOS through Apple store, android version is in making and will be coming in future.


2) Fotoable –


One more beautiful Photo organizer for iPhone. Fotoable access all pics from Photos folder and it organizes them based on Date.

You can add further Comments and Heading to these groups.


Unlike Flayvr this application does not send any pic to its server for creation of album, therefore you get your new photos instantly accessible.

It provides you nice features like Slideshow of you all favorite photos on home screen, Sharing on Social Networking sites, Password protected Album creation, Cloud Based storage using Facebook Account etc.


However while using this application beware that your it does not store your pics at its server, it simply organizes your photos which are already on your iPhone/iPad. Therefore if once you delete a photo from your device, it will be gone forever.

Pros – Simple but effective photo management. Allows password protection for your private pics.

Cons – No support for videos stored on your system. Not enough features to justify its price.

Fotoable is available in Apple Store for download.