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Soluto is called an Anti- Frustration software which allows users to identify cause of slow boot and remove programs from startup using it.  Its a very common problem that after some time of usage and after installing few applications , your Windows computer will starts to take longer to boot. And till the time systems boots up completely you just sit idle waiting for the show to be over.

You may try using options like ‘msconfig’ tool for removing programs from startup, but with MSCONFIG you can either remove/stop applications/services or allow them. But what if you need to keep those applications in Start-up list.

Same thing happens with our Web Browser which becomes very sluggish over the period of time.

Soluto is a free software which promises to handle all these problems and remove unwanted programs from startup.

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Soluto comes with an excellent Metro based interface and allows you review all items which starts at System Boot time and gives you suggestions  to deal with each of them.

Soluto Home Screen gives you three options – Chop Boot, Lighten Web Browsers, and Heal Crashes.

Chop Boot gives you the option to Delay the load of applications while System boots. Therefore if you do not want to remove any application from starting up (such as Dropbox) simply delay it.

Soluto Remove App

Delayed applications will run after PC Boot when system is idle. This will reduce the initial boot time of your system.

Soluto Removed App

Lighten Web Browsers will show you all browsers from system and you can speed them up by disabling any not required add-ins from the list.

Soluto Browsers Help

Crash Report will give you details about the last System Crash.

Soluto Web is also a very useful tool and once you log in to Soluto Web Site, you will see list of Apps which need to be updated, list of running applications, Browser Info, System Protections Info, Hardware Info and Disk info.

Soluto Home Page

Overall Soluto comes as a true friend of your PC and it will keep you away from frustration.

Lets us know how much successful you were in removing programs from startup using Soluto.