Are you spending a lot of time in finding good movies to watch next and still most of the time you end up with some Waste-Your-Weekend movie. Don’t worry now you can use wonderful mobile apps which will suggest you great movies based on your preferences and based on what your friends and other people are recommending. Lets see how to discover few great movies to watch on our next weekend –

1) Must-See –

Must-See movie finder app allows to skip login screen but just to show you a blank movies list. So it requires you to first register if you actually want to get any suggestions.

Registration form is a bit long and once you complete the registration it gives you one time ‘Initial Quick Rating’ screen to complete, here you can swipe left or right to show your like or dislike for the listed movies. Based on your choices, Must-See will learn your preferences.

MustSee_iOS03 MustSee_iOS05


Once you submit the initial rating, ‘Must-See’ app takes some time to build their database and evaluate your selections.

After few minutes, you will need to refresh your application and you will start to get a list of suggested movies divided into different categories, such as – Most Popular, Less Known, 21st Century etc.


At the bottom of every movie you will have a green and red line displaying how well this movie matches to your personalized preference identified by the App. I found it to be very effective and it was able to predict my choices correctly for the movies. This was really impressive intelligent result shown by the Must-See app.

You can click on any movie title to get a detailed view. From the detailed view screen, you can mark a movie as – “Watched: Like” or “Watched:Dislike”. You can also provide detail rating for any movie.

MustSee_iOS11  MustSee_iOS10


Based on your every Like or Dislike, the movie suggestions will be updated.

Must-see claims to be ad supported, but I did not see any ads anytime. Overall Must-See is a nice and feature rich app, just a bit complex for the average user.

Get Must-See app for free from Apple AppStore.

Verdict –

Complex but Must Have.


2) MovieQuest –

MovieQuest does not require an create account to be created and its home screen is a list of categories like – iTune Charts, Greatest Movies, Best Movies by Genre etc.
On click of one Category, it shows a list of Subcategories and on click of Sub-categories you get a list of movies with boring gray icons.

MovieQuest_iOS03 MovieQuest_iOS06 MovieQuest_iOS07


Clicking on a movie name will open the detail view page for the selected movie. This detail view will show information such as Casting, Summary, Revenue etc. User can also tick the check-boxes saying Want To See or Seen it or star it to add it to Favorites list. These selected movies can be quickly accessed from a quick access menu shown on top-right on the screen.


Overall MovieQuest is a very basic mobile application with outdated user interface. This works just as a category list app and does not reduce user’s time and effort in finding a movie also does not provide intelligent suggestions.

You can download it from the AppStore

Verdict –

Avoid This App.


3) FindMyMovie –

First thing you will notice about FindMyMovie is its user interface. It has got a very intuitive and bright home screen.
Different categories are shown on the home screen such as – Genre Picker, Random Movie, Trending, Top Lists etc.



Opening any category will show a list of movies, such as list of Trending movies. When you click on a movie name it shows you the detail view with basic information such as Summary, Genre, IMDB Rating, Rotten Tomato Rating and options to favourite it or dislike it.

FindMyMovie also comes with a search option to find any specific movie.
Overall FindMyMovie suggestions are based on ratings of IMDB and Rotten Tomato and with its attractive interface it is easy to use. However in terms of features it does not offer much, it is more like checking list of IMDB Top 250 movies.

FindMyMovie is available for free in Apple Store.

Verdict –

Can Have.


4) Tin Redrum –

Tin Redrum requires you to create an account before you can use it. Registration is pretty quick and you can also use Facebook account for login. Tim Redrum is a unique app which creates social network of movie lovers. So you can follow other people and see what movies they have recommended. This makes is very easy to share your favorite movie names and recommendations among friends.


The Tin Redrum Dashboard appears blank at first, user needs to select their favorite and seen movies from the list of Recent Movies or from the list of Top Movies.


Clicking on any movie name shows detail view of the movie. Here user can add movies as Seen, Loved or Wish. User can also provide rating and review for the movies.


Tin Redrum Dashboard is divided into three segments –

A) Stream – Here you get list of all the movies which you have seen or liked.
B) You Could Like – Here you get a list of movie suggestions made by the Tin Redrum.
C) Recent Movies – All the movies which are released recently.


From top-left menu user can also access a list of movies based on user’s recommendations or by year.


Finding other users and following them is also easy by using the same menu.


Movie suggestion provided by Tin Redrum is based on the likings shared by users across the world. So it is not limited to English movies only, suggestion will be showing good movies from other languages also. This app has a very simple user interface and provides nice movie suggestions.

Overall Tin Redrum is an easy to use and attractive app which makes it really easy to find interesting movies. You can also follow your other users and see what movies they are suggesting.

You can download Tin Redrum as a free app for Android and iOS.

Verdict –

Good To Have.