Hide&Snap is an intriguing app which allows you to secretly click photos from iPhone. This can come handy when you’re sitting with other people and you do not want others to notice that you are clicking a picture.

Such as while traveling in a metro or bus you may wish to click picture of the guys sleeping in-front of you with his mouth open. Or in a restaurant while sitting with friends you want to click photo of the food without letting them know.

Interface of Hide&Snap app is cleverly designed and it looks like a social networking site. So it appears as if you are reading through the posts. One interesting feature is that if you Press and hold ‘Look’ button, you can see the glimpse of camera screen within the news feeds.

Hide&nap Hide&Snap_iOS01


Preview gives you option to correctly position camera angle before clicking the picture. However don’t forget to turn off the camera sound for making it completely stealth.



Overall Hide&snap is a clever and fun app which is available for $.99 in Apple Store.

Alternate Apps –

1) SpyPic

2) SneakyPix