Cleen is a clever app intended to help you in removing unwanted photos and quickly cleaning photo space on iPhone. Whenever you feel that mobile storage is filled with images and you want to delete some of them to make more free space on mobile, Cleen is the app for you.




Interface of Cleen is easy to use and gives gesture based options. Moving the image up will add it to favorites, moving it down will add it to deletion list, moving it left will just skip the image and swiping right will show you the last skipped image.




These gesture based actions which can be performed by single hand, makes it pretty easy to decide which photos you want to keep and which ones you want to add to the deletion list.


Cleen_iOS04 Cleen_iOS08


After selecting all unwanted photos, click on the Delete button and all images will be removed from device. However these will not be instantly removed from your device, as you can still find them in ‘Recently Deleted’ segment of Camera Roll. So if you have deleted any pic by mistake, you will still have chance to recover it.

Cleen is available as a free app for iOS.