If you are using Cisco Jabber messenger in your office, you must have faced the problem that Jabber will start to show your status as ‘Away’ if your system is inactive for 5 minutes or if your computer is locked. Jabber messenger will be showcasing your ‘Away’ status even if you do not want others to know.

Lets see how can we prevent this automatic status update and how you can always appear Active on Cisco Jabber messenger.

Just follow this simple steps to change the settings and always appear ‘Available’  –

1) Open File Menu > Options dialog

2) Click on ‘Status’ option.

3) Here you have three options. Change the following two by unchecking the Check-box –


Uncheck – Show me as ‘Away’ if not active for _ minutes.
Uncheck – Show me as ‘Away’ when I lock my computer.

Now your Cisco Jabber status will always appear ‘Available’, even when you are not active on your system or when your Windows OS is locked.