Lets checkout the best Firefox plugins for Facebook which you must have. If you are a Facebook lover and a power user of Social Networking sites you can not live without them.

1) F. B. Purity –

F.B.Purity_IconF. B. Purity is a featured Firefox Add-on. It is one of the best add-ons for Facebook due to the extensive customization it can do to Facebook interface. It can hide ads, Facebook News Ticker Bar, Sponsored Box/Feed, App+Game Stories, Offline friends in chat and much more.

Apart from hiding unwanted segments, it can add functionality such as freeze the left bar (on news-feed page) so left column remains visible even if you scroll down, or fix the external links so clicking on any external link will open it directly rather than being redirected to Facebook page first.


F.B. Purity Options

F.B. Purity claims that its homepage offers the latest version of add-on and you should get it, but I would suggest to stay with the version being offered on Mozilla’s page. It is not safe to download any plugin from other sources.

F.B. Purity is a very powerful Firefox plugin and it can be controlled directly from Facebook page (by clicking on FBP icon).

2) Yoono –

yoonoIconIf you are the person who likes to be online all the time and want to get Facebook (or other Social networking) updates instantly than Yoono is right plugin for you.

Yoono adds a sidebar to your browser, here you can get all your social networking feeds continuously.

YoonoAddSocialNetwork YoonoFacebookFeed


After installing Yoono you will need to add your social networking accounts to it. Yoono supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. You can add your Yahoo Mail and Gtalk accounts also.

Yoono has many features which you would love such as desktop notifications, facility to add multiple accounts, customize color and theme,  quick share option to share any webpage, Mail widget etc.

YoonoPopup YoonoSkins

3) Shareaholic –

ShareaholicIconTill now we have seen add-ins which help you in getting updates from Social Networking sites. But Shareaholic is one plugin which can help you in sharing anything quickly and easily.

It supports sharing on more than 100 websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Bookmarks, Evernote, Bitly, LinkedIn, Delicious and StumbleUpon.











However if you are going to use Shareaholic with Firefox v29 or above, you may need to re-customize your toolbar after its installation. Because it reset the toolbar items after installation.

4) Thumbnail Zoom Plus –

ThumbnailZoomPlusIconThumbnail Zoom Plus is a very useful addon for Firefox and its not just limited to Social Networking sites. Its functionality is very simple, as soon as you move your mouse cursor over any image thumbnail, it will show you the full size image.

This works with almost all websites including Facebook, Flickr, Google+, IMDb, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Yandex, YouTube, Wikipedia and much more.


It is so addictive add-on that after using it for sometime you will wounder why you never had this functionality built into the browser.

 5) Facebook Ticker Remover –

FacebookTickerRemoverLogo‘Facebook Ticker Remover’ is a simple and tiny add-on which does what it claims. It removes Facebook news ticker and stops you from stalking your friends whole day.

Facebook news tickers have been a source of contention since its launch, either because of privacy issues or because of distraction it causes. So finally someone came up with an idea to clear the Facebook page by removing it. And result is this plug-in for Firefox.