These games require you to jump if you want to survive and score points. Every Flappy bird lover will like to play these games. Although all these games have game play similar to Flappy Bird, but these are not rip off of the Flappy Bird. All these games have their own unique and clever game play, so you would love them even if you are a Flappy Bird hater.

1) Amazing Thief –


A beautiful endless game where you will have tough time jumping over the vertical bars. As said by its creators, this thief will be jumping from one rooftop to another.

Jumping with a stickman may seem easy but let me warn you that it is not an easy game. It will take good amount of practice even to clear few bars.

Everytime a new bar with different height and width will appear in front of you instantaneously and you will have only few milliseconds to aim and jump by tapping on the screen. You may tap twice for double jumping and for achieving greater heights. Once you know how to aim and jump, it is a great fun game where you can spend hours.


It’s a free game with ads. The count of ads is on higher side and sometimes it even shows video ads which can be very irritating.

Amazing Thief game is available for Android and iOS.


2) Super Bats – Ninja Knockout –


This game is more similar to Flappy Bird. You need to keep your Super-Bat flying by tapping on screen, while crossing barriers. As an added twist, you will also need to fight ninja fighters who will be attacking you.


Game play is easy to learn and you will be happy to defeat ninja fighters while flying across the steel bars. This endless and addictive game is available for free on iOS and Android.


3) Don’t Touch The Spikes –


Spikes game is from the same game house who created ‘Amazing Thief’. Flappy Bird game lovers will finally find a bird here to play with. However game play is not very similar to Flappy Bird, you have to keep your bird flying but you do not need to cover distances. Instead you need to keep your bird bouncing off the walls and protect it from hitting the spikes on the wall. These spikes will change their formation after every hit, so you need to do your calculations before you hit the wall.


You can even buy more birds by using your points and change the birds while playing. Game is easy to learn and quite addictive as its also endless. In endless games, you fight against your own best performance, so you spend a lot of time playing it and trying to outdo yourself.

Spikes game is available for iOS and Android.


4) Run In Crowd –


You are part of a group who is traveling through a jungle. You will face obstacles and falls which you need to clear by jumping. Sometimes a single jump will not be sufficient so you will require to tap twice and jump longer.

Speed of game will keep increasing with time, which will make it more difficult.


Graphics used in game is good and looks beautiful. You can buy new avatar, dress, and equipment by making in-store purchases.

Run in Crowd game is available on iOS and Android.