Free task manager app Trello has got better with power-ups. Trello has introduced few additional features (called Powerups) which are optional and can be enabled as per your need.

Check the Trello Introduction here

These new power-ups include – Voting, Card Aging, Calender


These Power-ups can be accessed from Sidebar > Menu –


Voting is an existing functionality which has now become optional, apart from it remaining two Card Aging and Calender are new on Trello.

Card Aging allows you two settings – Regular Mode (Older Cards will appear more transparent) and Pirate Mode ( Older task will have more cracks and tears).



Regular Page Aging


Pirate Page Aging









Trello always needed functionality to add tasks to Calender and get reminders for Due Dates. For addressing these requirements Trello Power-ups have finally got Calender,  which will show all tasks with due dates on it.

However you will still miss a reminder service from Trello.