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Push : A Single App To Get All News Updates

Push is a very simple mobile app which does just one thing, send news updates from different sources to your iOS device using push notifications. Interface of Push app is minimalistic with only two functionality – Subscribe to channels and… Continue Reading →

Listen To eBooks Using Free Text To Speech Software

Reading an article or ebook on glaring screen of computer can be very stressful for your eyes. Instead if you use a free Text To Speech Software, it can read the text for your and you can simply listen to… Continue Reading →

AircelBookMate Review : A Nice eBook Reader From Aircel

Aircel India is offering this mobile ebook Reader app ‘AircelBookMate’ free to it’s subscribers. Its offering magazine through Online Store and these magazines can be read using AircelBookMate mobile eBook Reader. AircelBookMate eBook Reader have similar interface as Apple bookstores…. Continue Reading →

How To Read Kindle eBooks Online

You don’t have Amazon Kindle and want to read Kindle eBooks, no problem you can read your kindle eBooks Online as well as on almost all devices without Kindle. Using¬†Kindle Cloud Reader online, you can access your Kindle Library and… Continue Reading →

Google Reader Alternatives: RSS Readers

After Google has discontinued its Google Reader, its right time to find some great Google Reader alternative RSS readers. Primarily RSS Feed Readers can be divided into two segments – desktop based and web based. Desktop Based Readers – 1)… Continue Reading →

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