Push is a very simple mobile app which does just one thing, send news updates from different sources to your iOS device using push notifications.

Interface of Push app is minimalistic with only two functionality – Subscribe to channels and View feeds.




Push app comes with a long list of feed channels covering Technology, news, economics, entertainment, media news and much more. You can subscribe to any number of channels and you will start getting updates from them. Few big names include BBC News, Economist, CNN, Weather, Gizmodo, Hacker News, Venture Beats, TechCrunch, Vice News, Wired News, Wimp Videos, Reuters World, Buzz Feed, Google Trends, Cosmopolitan, Rotten Tomatoes, Imgur and many more.




Every update will come to your mobile device as a push notification and swiping the notification will open the details in inbuilt browser of Push App.




The Major benefit of using Push app is that you don’t need to install different apps for different news channels. A single app will keep you updated with all types of feeds, and most of the time it remains invisible because notifications shown on the lock screen will be good enough to keep you updated whole day.

Push app is currently available for iOS only.

How much you like the idea of a single invisible app which sends you all news feeds, share your comments.