YahooAviateLauncherDefault Android interface is too boring for most of the mobile users, this is the reason they start to look for better alternative launcher app. Yahoo has launched its Aviate launcher which is much better than other popular choices like Go launcher. Lets checkout what makes it the best alternative launcher app on android mobile.

Yahoo Aviate launcher is a free intelligent launcher. Initially it was available as a limited beta but now it has been released to public and can be downloaded from Google play store.

This launcher seems to be one app which have been well thought of, well designed and it performs in very intelligent way based on user behavior. When you run this app for the first time, it will ask you to choose your preferred apps and your preferred app categories. Based on the user’s preferences it customizes itself.

Aviate launcher uses minimalistic interface and keeps your home screen clean. When you swipe left on home screen, you get all applications grouped under different categories. This automatic grouping makes it extremely easy to access and manage your favorite apps. If you swipe left once again, you can find all apps listed alphabetically.

AviateHome AviateAppCategory


On swiping up it shows your favorite contacts. It makes it quicker to call or sms your close ones.


With passing day, your home will offer different widgets to you, which can be customized from its settings.


Yahoo Aviate comes with two themes Dark and Light. Overall Yahoo Aviate is a beautiful launcher app which has also got brains. You will love to have it on your android phone.