Writer.is has just started its journey as a new website for writers. Once you create your account and login, you will be welcomed with a beautiful dashboard.



Interface of the website is modern and as soon as you start writing, all controls will hide, making it quite non-intrusive interface. However the color combination still needs to be improved, as gray background makes it quite difficult to see the cursor, such as while trying to select some text.




Now with all new advancements of Web technology and with availability of HTML5, it is disappointing to see that a new writing app is not supporting auto Save feature. So be careful, if you forget to click on Save icon on top of the screen, you may lose your work.




All articles are listed on main dashboard. If you click on any article, it is opened in read only mode. The interesting part is that, Writer.is shows your article with an animated effect. Slows your article word by word, as it was being written on screen instantly. A nice way to present an article and this is the feature Writer.is is banking on.
However as a writer if you want to open an article for editing and not for reading, you should click on tiny Edit button which appears below the article name.




You can insert a background image for every article. This enhances appearance of your article. Make sure to use a large size images for background, otherwise it will be stretched to fill the space and it may not look very good.

Overall Writer.is seems like a good start. But it needs few upgrades before it can be prime time ready. There are many loose ends such as no way to delete an article, no share option, no option to change privacy settings for an articles and more . Lets us know what would you expect from a writing app.