iOS8Logo Every Apple fan was excited to upgrade to new iOS 8 on their devices. But  when they tried to install iOS 8, it showed a message saying ‘This update   can not be installed because it needs at least 4.7 GB of storage’.

Same happened with me, and ridiculous thing was that on my iPhone 5c which has got only 8GB of total space, how am I  supposed to make 4.7GB free space.

But anyway, I started deleting everything like a crazy man, and after 30 minutes I ended up deleting all photos, all videos, almost all apps from mobile even Facebook and WhatsApp got deleted.

When I checked the storage again, all I had was just 2.8GB space available.I lost everything on my mobile and I was still unable to install iOS 8. So I rushed to my iPad Air, it has got 16GB storage, so I was hoping to clean 5 GB storage easily. But when I checked, it gave me message that it requires 6.9GB space on iPad for iOS.



Nice game Apple !!! But this time I wont delete anything to get more free storage.

This problem was coming when I was trying to update directly from the Apple device, which is call Over The Air update (or OTA in short).

So I decided to go for the second option, which is to use iTune to update your devices. This option worked like a charm without any complain about the storage space.

This is what I did to update my iPhone and iPad –


1) I connected iPhone/iPad with Laptop and opened iTune on the laptop.

2) I had already deleted almost everything, so first of all I restored from backup by clicking on ‘Restore Backup’ button. This installed everything again on iPhone. If you have not deleted anything yet, then you can skip this step and directly move to the next step.

3) Once I got everything back, I was ready for this new update. So before going for new updates, I took a backup of device using iTune.

4) Once backup process is over, click on Update button. A confirmation box will come up. It will ask you if you want to download only or want to download and install. Choose Download and Install.



5) iTune will start downloading without complaining about your existing free storage space. Once download is done, iTune will update iOS and will restart iPhone.



That’s it, finally I got iOS installed without deleting anything and without creating free storage space.