Do you remember the last time when Mirrors of your house were cleaned, or since when curtains have not been cleaned in your house. These cleaning routines are performed in every house after every few days but it is very easy to miss them. Tody is an app which can help you in scheduling and keeping track of such household chores.

Tody can be used to list all your household tasks and for scheduling and managing them. It is specially designed for repetitive tasks and with every passing day it will start showing necessity of the task with more intensity by changing its color from green to red.

Using this app requires to create two things-

1) Area – Select an area from the list such as- Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or any other room.

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2) Task- once area is added you can add multiple tasks for each area such as – mop floors, clean glasses, clean sink etc. this list of tasks will be different depending upon the area selected.

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Once the task is selected schedule the days for repetition for the task and its current condition. And now Tody will be keep track of every task and with every passing day it will keep increasing priority of the task.

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Pretty soon you will be able to track how dirty your Curtains have become and how urgetn it is to clean them. Tody uses very unique but appealing way to make you realize the urgency of the pending chores. This tiny app is available for iPhone/iPad for 2.99$.